Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Haifa and the North – the leading employers’ organization in Haifa and northern Israel.

Our goal, since the formation of the Chamber in 1921 by local business owners, is to enhance economic development of northern Israel by being the focal point for hundreds companies, firms and plants, representing its members as a joint body while meeting the individual needs of each and one of them.

The Chamber’s wide spread activity is carried out on a number of correlating levels from single care for a specific company, facing taxation or legislation hardships; up to organized activity designated to change laws and regulations in favor of the business sector. The Chamber also partakes in large-scale business initiatives and projects aimed to leverage northern Israel by contributing to its economic development and employment increase.

An integral part of aiding businesses and enhancing regional economy is developing relationships with overseas economic bodies, seeking out business opportunities and partners with mutual benefit in view.

Foreign investors and businesses interested in any form of cooperation with businesses in northern Israel would find all necessary information at the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Haifa and the North, including information about the benefits granted to investors in the region.

For any question or info request, please contact us

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David Castel has been elected for an additional term as the president of the Chamber of Commerce

The 72nd general assembly of the chamber has approved the election of the president and the nine members of the chamber's administration

The 72nd general assembly of the chamber of commerce and industry in Haifa and the north of Israel was assembled on Tuesday, 15th of January, 2019, and approved the election of David Castel for another term as the president of the chamber of commerce and as a member of the administration. In addition, the following members have also been elected: Uri Walstein, Alias Makhul, Gabi Ben Harush, Hanan Avidan, Yehoshua Laniado, Yossi Dekel, Shlomo Hasid and Simon Bechar.

The following administration members will continue their positions: Att. Lior Dahan, Zvi Weitzner, Mira Schwartz, Micha Markowich, Eliyahu Hakim, Vered Weisler Gantz, Walid Afifi, Amit Shtesel and Meir Shriki.

The president of the chamber thanked the chairperson of the inspection committee, Yossi Dekel, and the members who have finished their duties: Moshe Gan Zvi, Andrei Soidan and Yossi Morag.

In his speech in the general assembly, the president reviewed the challenges that the chamber of commerce is facing today, the battle for amending the regulations of the organizational fee and the conduct of the association, which has been given the certificate for good governance for the third year in a row. New regulations for the chamber are undergoing advanced approval procedures.

The president of the chamber also reviewed the deepening ties that the chamber is forging and maintaining with ministers, MKs and decision makers, and stated that the chamber will keep struggling for economic levers, such as a second stock market and an international airport in the north. He also promised that the chamber will continue to fight against the air pollution in the Haifa Bay area.

"We can already see a shift in the awareness of the decision makers; the government has created assistance programs for businesses in the north, but after many years of neglect, these are only the first steps, and many more steps are needed", Said David Castel.

During the general assembly, the chamber's CEO, Shmulik Watenstein, CPA, presented the chamber's activity in 2018. He showed in his review, among other things, that during 2018 the chamber’s team has helped members in about 2,000 sessions and 12 areas of service, 429 meetings with members have been held over 243 work days during this year, 65 meetings with MKs, ministers and decision makers were conducted, 1,300 businesspersons took part in conferences and events organized by the chamber, 450 students studied in the college, 298 international activities have been held and 2,674 service documents for exporters have been issued.

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